Well, there we go again. It’s July, which means I won’t have much to write about. I guess I can blame it on the Monsoons, and the delightfully cloudy, dark and murky weather they bring about. I like these kind of days, with the promise they hold of rains. Of course, it does make you a tad gloomy – there isn’t much to do, and during weekends going out means you have to sweat it out wondering if you should take the car or the bike out. It should be a straightforward decision to take the car out, but then it also depends on the degree of rain. If it’s going to be really heavy, it’s better to stay put under the cover of a concrete roof, instead of being stuck on non-existent roads. Oh well, the luxuries of choice?

Of course, it gives me opportunity to get a lot of reading done. End of June I had done around 15 books, which swelled to 18 in the next 2 weeks. The next book will take a while coming. On to ಪರ್ವ, which is going on to be an epic read. The size and the language intimidates. But the story and the setting keeps you going. There is no chronological order here. There is no ‘author’ here. There is no Rajagopalachari telling you the story and writing it up for posterity and easier reading. Bhyrappa’s Mahabharatha happens in the minds of Kunti, Draupadi, Bheema and Arjuna. It’s about the frustrating relationship between Kunti and Pandu, the sweet and sour ones between Draupadi and her husbands. At times, the fitting in of different concepts like the Devas and the Gandharvas feels a tad easy. But considering the amount of research he’s put in, it probably is not all poppycock. But the place where Bhyrappa scores is definitely the relationships. One chapter has Draupadi’s perspectives which plays out against that of Arjuna’s and Bheema’s. The reduction to normal human beings with their egos, needs, insecurities and misunderstandings is where he scores best and the biggest plus point of ಪರ್ವ, forget the research, the practices. I hope to be writing a review sometime in the next few months.

But mornings being rainless and pleasant has meant a bike ride along the usual route. Less water, and the start of the sowing season in most places. Want to do more, to test the back and see how it holds up. Will also be an indicator of how well I’ve taken care of it. It was good the whole of last year. I definitely am slipping on those standards this year. Ever since the return from the US early this year have gone easy on the exercises and the daily morning workouts – minor sessions of 15 minutes, but which made quite a bit of difference. The shoulder’s back to being a bit weak too. Need to show some resolve and get back to the old routines.

Oh well, nothing much else to write about I guess. Hopefully something better next time!


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