The hunting cat…

There’s something therapeutic about animals. I wonder if it’s the simplicity of their lives – defined by food, shelter and sometimes a little bit of play and love. It’s been close to 6 months since I took the cat along and had her spayed and vaccinated. Since then, she’s been a regular, coming for milk once in the morning and then again at night.

There was a time she used to hang around the house meowing non-stop, annoying us to no end. It took a while, but I eventually figured out when she was looking for plain old attention and when it was a genuine begging for food. The easiest way is to try to pet her. How willing she is to be petted determines attention seeking(most interested, scratch me this side also, will ya?) or hunger(least interested, just get me the food!).

Her place used to be above the motor, snoozing there all day. Once construction in the opposite site started, she’s moved to a more secret location around the neighbourhood, appearing once in the morning at dawn, and reappearing only around evening. Sometimes, during evenings, I sit down near the door and she promptly climbs onto my lap and snoozes away. Nights after dinner I walk around outside while she jumps up the tree, scratches it out to sharpen her claws, play hunts by crouching and springing at random, falls down exposing her belly while trying to paw me away if I approached her – the usual cat-games. Sudden noises take her running before she comes meowing back to rub herself against my legs.

Even rubbing against the legs comes in two forms – the usual marking of scent on your legs which is done with a meow, and the more affectionate head-butt before the rubbing. Even that can be used to gauge whether it is hunger or attention seeking – no head-butting when hungry. The head-butting peaks when she brings a mouse or rat and displays them for your viewing pleasure while she happily head-butts and rubs against your legs expecting to be petted for that achievement.

Unlike cats in Australia or the US, I haven’t seen her purring much. There’s only the incessant meowing. Sometimes when asleep and I call out, can see her body producing the sound, but the sound never gets out dying by her sleepy throat. Between cats and dogs I’ve always had a tough time choosing. I don’t consider her a pet or any such. She lives, comes, goes, plays, drinks on her own terms. We just follow her orders.

P.S: More or less a pointless post. I know 🙂


3 thoughts on “The hunting cat…

    1. Hehe…we never do that classification much eh? I guess it comes down to what we expect from friends etc. How much dependence and tying down, or how independent.

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