Change and back

So it was a hectic two months as I moved to the flat. The plan was to WFH 2 days a week from ‘home’. Basically you live 3 days in the flat, commute to home twice a week and work from there and then the weekend… we’ll see how that goes. And this is how it went:

Monday morning, leave from the flat usually or drive to home in the morning or wake up at home and work from there. Evenings I’d usually be back in the flat, either after dinner if working from home or cook dinner at the flat if commuting to work from there.

Tuesdays usually commute to work from the flat. Come back and clean the flat – sweeping and mopping – and then cook dinner and sleep.

Wednesdays – more or less the same as Tuesdays minus the cleaning.

Thursdays – bike to work, but pretty much the same. Except that in the evenings, drive to home so that you don’t have to wake up and drive on Fridays.

Fridays – WFH and go for a run in the evening in BU campus. After dinner head back to the flat as one plays tennis on Saturday mornings.

Saturday – wake up in the flat and play tennis in the mornings. Plan varies rest of the day. Also includes sweeping and mopping.

Sunday – varying plans. Some days at home, some days at flat. Basically no idea where one was.

This usually meant that I was driving or commuting almost every day of the week. As against when I was just at home where I was commuting to work thrice or four times a week, one or two days of WFH and then weekends based from home. The flat pretty much became a staging area with the sole goal of reducing my commute to work with the cost of having to commute to home on other days. The commute saving was close to 80 minutes per day, strictly in terms of travel time. With vegetable and other shopping done on the way, that lost another 20 minutes. Not to forget extra time and energy to cook and clean.

Trouble started when I had to return to the flat from home in the night after dinner. After a long day’s work, the last thing one wants to do is drive and that too in Bangalore streets with lights blaring into you from the opposite direction. Add to that the excess variation in where one is based and you mostly have no idea where you are waking up.

So, after a trial of over a month where one was perennially exhausted, disoriented and stressed out I decided to do the logical thing and moved back. The flat was too small for all three to move in, especially with the amount of stuff around. I also had started developing paranoia towards the pigeons fluttering all over the place. My intermittent absence also meant that they would never completely let go of the place and they kept making recons and forays to check the viability.

So a tenant was found quickly – a person who had been asked to vacate from a flat right in the 3rd floor, mine being in the 4th – and the move done in early May.

The current week is mostly about commuting on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays(bike) and then WFH on Wednesdays and Fridays. The Monday and Wednesday being interchangeable or just commute days. The return journey which was the painful part is now partly solved as there is a contract service provided by BMTC to some companies which goes all the way to my usual bus stop. The monthly price is close to 3.5K of which the company pays 2K. But the service is guaranteed. Currently running that on trial mode to see how it goes. The bus leaves at 5:10 and drops me off around 6:30 PM, give or take 10 minutes.


4 thoughts on “Change and back

  1. Going back to base camp twice a week would’ve been difficult to pull off. But I can understand the reason for that (food etc.)

    Anyway, doesn’t matter now with the company bus service. The only way I commuted in Bangalore was because I had that. I lost a good chunk of my salary on that cause it was way overpriced and company did not subsidize it.

    Yours is perfect: company pays for it and you get some solid time to read or study without having to bother about the traffic. And when you work late, you can take the cab (I guess) with company footing the bill.

    1. Not just food. Parents on their own at home.

      When I need to work late I just come home and log in. Gotta see how this works out. Think I’ll stick with it.

  2. so many changes in such short of time…
    great.. I think u had planned well with a back out… finally the back out is implemented…
    I had a similar plan but did not have the patience to try it out

    1. “I think u had planned well with a back out… finally the back out is implemented…” Interesting way to look at it Murthy! 🙂

      Or maybe if there was no backup I’d have stuck it out? But then at what cost and was it worth it were the questions. Anyway, not complaining about being back. 🙂

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