Just a thought…

Was just wondering if I should buy a domain. The rate doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. At 18$ per year, which is around Rs. 1000 per year, it isn’t a major thing at all. I spend much more on cable TV.

Most of my non-regular visitors are for book reviews actually. These are the books that have seen a lot of activity.
1. Ponniyin Selvan
2. Painter of Signs
3. Parva
4. A Shot at History
5. The Man Who Knew Infinity
6. Naayi Neralu

And the rest that see a few:
1. Phantoms in the brain
2. Aavarana

I don’t intend it to be a money making thing. The highest hits I have seen are with Ponniyin Selvan which has seen 500 hits in more than 2.5 years, so not deluding myself.
But surely it could be something to spin off on its own?
I do read a lot of books that barely see a dozen or so ratings in Goodreads.
And my reviews for those get wasted on Goodreads anyway.
Wondering how good an idea it would be.

But at a 1000 bucks per year, it seems something worth giving a shot.

Guest or co-contributors is also something that I can think of.
Especially if you read a lot, and can write 500+ words with proper grammar.


2 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. Get the domain, its very cheap. Its the hosting that costs money. I guess you plan to point the domain to this WordPress blog, so hosting is zero cost.

    As for the content, its better to host it on your own blog than on some book site. Book or movie review sites may not survive for more than few years. Better to keep your content close.

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