The 300th one

Source: Wikimedia commons

To those wondering what the hell the last one was, well it was a classic filler. To get the one run that would take me towards 299. And thus comes along post number: 300! (300 public posts to be precise. There are 26 private ones in case you’re wondering.)

Considering that my first post was in March 2005, it has taken just shy of 10 years (9 years, 9 months to be precise) to produce 300 posts! That’s  a 100 posts every 3 years and 3 months. But the last 100 has taken 3 years and 1 month for an average productivity of around 2.7 posts a month, which isn’t too bad I’d say, especially given that the blog is into its 10th year! For those interested, the fastest 100 was between 100 and 200 which took only 28 months, at 3.57 a month, almost once a week!

Along with the number of posts, I find it interesting that I’ve managed to write something quite regularly for close to 10 years now. 10 years that took me across 3 continents. To be fair though, the first 100 took close to 52 months, but that is still close to 2 posts a month, not entirely too bad.

I wonder how long it will keep going; but continue to write, that I will. This blog will grow (old) with me. It was a blog of a 25 year old when it started, and is now that of a 34 year old. More than anything it acts as a pensieve, storing up memories, perceptions and experiences to be pulled up later to examine.

I wonder how many words have gone in over these 300 posts. Even assuming an average of 800 words (pretty conservative, am guessing it’ll be more), I’d have clocked 240000 words, which is almost 3 novels. Just amazed at the effort needed to write one! But I guess it would be interesting to mine this data.

Also, a special note of thanks to all those who have stuck around with me. Friends and cousins spread across the world – those in India, Singapore, Australia, the U.S, the U.K. I notice your visits and feel appreciated. More than anything, despite the massive distances and the fact that many of you I haven’t seen in over a decade, I feel close to you through this.

Here’s looking forward to the next 100 posts!

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