There comes a point in a road-trip when you realise that if you had forgotten something, there’s no going back. You’ve come far off now and the place you left has been left behind for good – that you are now committed to wherever you’re going.

I feel the distance. All I do is open linkedin and see those names that have been left behind, in a place and time there’s no going back to. I look at my school building as I pass and see those grounds, and think of those corridors that I’ve left for good. There’s no going back.

So many places – Chamarajpet, Srinagar, St. Joseph’s, Melbourne, RMIT, Redmond, Microsoft. Even Brocade – different phases of work, of people. I want to hold them tight, etch every moment, every person to memory. But it’s hardest when you are forced to try hard to remember people, people you worked with every day for years. That moment when you realise the futility of holding tight. I guess such is life, the need to move forward constantly with no turning back.

Just an odd moment – this too shall pass.


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