Weekend ramblings

It’s a Sunday evening. And am not particularly chipper about it. Have never been. It has always signified the end of the weekend and the start of a new week (I’ve never lived in any of the Gulf countries). It does not help that the weekend was mostly cloudy and rainy all the time. Dark, and windy, and a whooshing sound bringing forth the rains for some time and then silence again. It isn’t exactly exciting weather.

A part of me wishes that every weekend is fun filled, full of activities, with lots of running around. But a bigger part of me just wants to sleep. It is almost the Yin and Yang, keeping the balance between activity and rest you could say. Sometimes, of course the Yin needs to be given in to, sometimes the Yang. I wonder if age also plays a role, as you grow older one asserts more than the other?

A rainy weekend is always a good time to just be at home. The traffic is always horrendous outside. And if it is not, the constant presence of puddles makes life difficult.

Puddles! I was driving back from tennis yesterday, as I noticed a puddle that I’d have to drive over. The road was narrow and I was barely doing 15 or 20 Kmph. A woman was walking from the opposite direction. When I am walking and there’s a puddle, I stop, wait for any vehicles that might splash to pass before I move past it. In this case, the woman suddenly hurried up and came right next to my car as I passed the puddle and got a bit splashed and stood there looking at her feet. I wondered what was going through her mind. Did she expect to quickly get past me to avoid the splash? Or did the puddle not form a part of her calculations at all? Anyway, now I wonder why I mentioned this story at all. But I see the title of this post and it’s fair game. Either way, I don’t like the part where people get splashed. I feel like an asshole who’s in his fancy car and goes about splashing people. I do slow down at puddles, but sometimes you just can’t help it as the potholes of Bangalore come with varying depths and the splash is directly proportional to the depth of the pothole storing the water.

Getting back to the topic, I think a discerning reader would have figured by now, that am not particularly busy while writing this. Of course, any long term follower of this blog would have known from the title what’s in store before getting into this post.

Any way, at the end of it all, Monday awaits. It is going to be another day of ferrying myself to work, and then ferrying myself back home. I hate the part that am not able to do any reading in the cab. But then, I love not having to do any changing of buses. There is of course the luxury of company, which also includes a colleague from a farming family from Mandya, who got educated and escaped the village, and who’s experiences agree with my opinions (Don’t you just love that when it happens?). Sometimes it is fun. But I’d still love to be able to read. It just is taking too much toll on my weekends I feel, not being able to read during weekdays. And of course there is also the matter of the headache that turns up no matter what. Well, not exactly no matter what, usually because I read on the phone in the morning. I wonder if trying audio books on the kindle might be an idea worth exploring during the commute. I have the kindle, and have earphones of the phone. Just need to combine the two.

Just found that Text-To-Speech has been killed on the iOS and Android apps of Kindle and on the newer kindle devices too. The reason being that this will affect sales of the audio books. Well, of course. My older kindle device still supports. So Yay! Need to see if I can give this a shot and how it will work. Not used to having people read things to me, so going to be interesting!

Also, for a change, I made a reading plan of the books I want to be reading the second half of the year. And it’s interesting. I think am going to be doing that more often now – make a plan that is. And also make it a point of not buying more than 4 books from Blossom’s. I bought 7 in March and I still have 2 left. Considering that my Birthday happened in March and more books came in around that time, it has thrown my reading awry and am left catching up with a lot of books. There are still some 6 books to get past after the current one that am reading. I don’t really enjoy the sight of unread books asking me to get to them. I do enjoy buying books, so need to balance the two. Buy less and more often, is going to be the motto. And also borrow, haven’t been to the IIWC library this whole year!

Any way, that’s enough rambling. One of the advantages is that you get ideas, like the one above of trying the Text-To-Speech on the kindle, as you’re writing.


One thought on “Weekend ramblings

  1. An alternate solution to the commute is podcasts. Try this: Install the Player FM app and subscribe to the BBC From Our Own Correspondent (FOOC), BBC In Our Time (IOT) and NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me podcasts. You’ll start wishing your commutes were longer 😉

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