Life…and all that…

It’s been a tough last few weeks. Most days I feel disoriented, wondering where things are going, searching for a ‘normal’. And I see it floating around, except that it keeps taking new meanings and shapes, changing every few days. Sometimes it feels familiar, a normal from sometime back before it shifted shape into something else. I wonder if am in some cusp of life, a point where things change, from where a new normal will emerge, not something I will look back and recognise, something that I’ll need to get used to, become familiar with and grow into.

Will need to hang in there. And hang in there, I will. Not sure how much of a toll the past few years will take in future. Wonder how much am giving of myself now that I’ll need later. (Wonder if am talking nonsense here and making a mountain out of nothing.)

Oh well, that’s what the defences we build around us are for – to survive the madness when it gets too crazy. Defences that come in different forms – friends, books, music, movies, art, beer, coffee, beaches, mountains, bikes, runs. Choose your poison and get on with it I guess.


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