Spring – residents and visitors

It’s already Spring in Bangalore. The tabebuias are out and the Pongaemias have shed all their leaves. For the latter, not all trees maintain the same rhythm and some are blooming light green leaves while others are bare. There are two in front of the house, the closest one is bare while the farther one is blooming. It’ll be a few weeks before the fresh canopy is back and the flowers are out bringing with them the bees.

For now, it has been a lot of visiting from birds. Sunbirds and Tailorbirds drop by singing, feed on leaves or on insects that are attracted by the flowers from the farther tree. These are common birds that are seen wherever there are trees in Bangalore, which aren’t that common. You can hear them singing, be it the stronger singing of the red-whiskered bulbuls, the eeee-oo eeee-oo of the tailorbirds, the shrill cheep-cheep of the sunbirds or the clicking of the warblers.

This is a purple-rumped sunbird, female, feeding on Pongaemia flowers. The male has a darker head. There are two species of sunbirds that are common – the purple-rumped and the purple. The purple one is darker for the male and is somewhat similar for the female.

Purple rumped sunbird, female
Purple Rumped Sunbird


I got another shot as another of this bird or possibly the same one. This one was in the garden amidst the Hibiscus bushes and the Parijatha tree.

Purple-rumped sunbird, female

This is what the male of the species looks like. A whole gaggle of them descended by the kitchen window.(02/26/2016)

Purple-rumped sunbird male
Purple-rumped sunbird male

The red-whiskered bulbul is a bigger bird, and is pretty commonly seen. They are quite noisy, but the singing is distinct and stronger. The incident with the cat last year was with a pair of these birds.

Red-whiskered bulbul
Red-whiskered bulbul

The one below is a warbler. Am not sure which one though. Am guessing it’s probably a Blythe’s Reed Warbler. I thought it was a Prinia, but turns out it isn’t. But it’s not a resident, apparently a visitor if it is indeed the Blythe’s.

Plain Prinia
Warbler(guessing Blythe’s Reed)

I used to think of this bird below as a Prinia. Even it’s call is eeee-oo eeee-oo, which I thought is that of a Prinia. Turns out it is a common tailorbird. The Prinia is greyer while this one is browner. I got 2 shots at it, couldn’t decide which is the better one. I liked one for the lighting, but the focus is off. The other one has perfect focus but the lighting is slightly off.

I’ll share both I guess.

Common tailorbird
Common tailorbird

Common tailorbird

Or this one maybe?


I heard this bird a few days back. It was on the Pongaemia tree. I thought it was a flycatcher, but I felt it could also be a flowerpecker because of the smaller tail size. A few ID requests on Twitter confirmed that it was a Pale-billed flowerpecker. The photo isn’t too great, so kindly adjust.

Pale-billed flowerpecker
Pale-billed flowerpecker

And the one below is a Great Tit. It looks like a sparrow and is as big as one. Bigger than the tailorbirds, but smaller than the bulbuls.

Great Tit
Great Tit

I like the back-profile one better, even though it’s the back profile.
Another one of the Great Tit
Well, next time you see these birds in your neighbourhood, you know which ones they are.


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