More spiders

That time of the year when spiders start putting up webs all over the garden. The more common one is the Signature spider (Argiope anasuja), which I put up last year. It was around this year too, and I managed to snap one from the back using the phone, thanks to the Camera+ app’s macro feature.
Spider... signature spider

I couldn’t resist another go with the proper camera the next day. I liked the web and felt it was better to put her at the centre of a bigger scheme of things. It also gives you a better idea of her size.
Signature Spider

The second spider was something I hadn’t noticed before. She was much smaller than the signature spider, but I liked her web more. She was more accessible to the camera, and had spun her web between the car, the tree, and the entrance to the gate and still wasn’t likely to be disturbed. It made taking snaps easier, and I didn’t have to contort myself inside the garden. As always I shot one pic with the iPhone for instagram a couple of days back, using the manual mode and Macro setting in the camera+ app. This is a pear shaped leucauge (Opadometa fastigata) which is supposed to be common.

Spider... pear shaped leucauge.

Opening the gate does move the web around, the spider scuttles away to the top and gets back to a different plane and repairs any damage before it decides to settle in the centre. Pear shaped leucauge

(The pic above and the ones below are from the DSLR. She looks a lot like a wizard casting a spell, somewhat like in this epic duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort.)

This is what she looks like from the side:
Pear shaped leucauge

At the very end of it, once she has a proper web, she happily settles in the centre.

Pear shaped leucauge
To get in a bit more into the web:
Pear shaped leucaugeYou can see how small she is.

This is from the phone, today(30/09) morning. She coolly shimmied up her web when my phone got too close.

Please do check out the rest of the pics of these spiders in this album:



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