Pelican spotting – II

On a cycle ride I noticed that the Kommaghatta lake was back to hosting Pelicans. These are the spot-billed pelicans that I had written about earlier this year. They are apparently winter visitors, although Grimmett, Inskipp claims that they are full time residents. It is possible that this is their breeding season and they tend to spread out more during this season looking for places to nest.

Either way I started off with Indian Cormorants resting on the Tree at the entrance.
Great cormorants

The Pelicans were spread out with more in an island that was closer to the sides.

This one was chilling out:
Spot-billed pelican


There was a Grey Heron in the mix:
Grey heron

Also saw a pair of these birds. Not sure if they are ducks or geese. I asked around for ID check and only plausible one I got is that they are probably interbreeds between either different duck species or even between duck and geese. Or it could be a domesticated hybrid species. If you have any idea, please to let me know.

Egrets and Little Cormorants were sharing this island. You can also spot a Grey Heron taking off in the centre.
Egrets and little cormorants

This is the Pelican Island:

And one chilling at the top:
Spot-billed Pelican

Also saw this new bird. Turned out to be a Dark-crowned Night Heron. Below closer to the water are two Purple Swamphens.
Black-crowned Night Heron

After the richness of Kommaghatta lake which is one of the better managed lakes in Bangalore, I decided to see how Mallathahalli lake closer home is doing. It was bad the last time around. This time was worse.

There were Ganeshas left out to dry and waste away from the festival.


I walked along to the other side, and got overtaken by cops on a bike. One seemed to remember me, or thought am someone else, and asked how come I had stopped coming by for walks. I complained about the condition of the lake and he tut-tutted with me on it and they passed along. Closer to where their “station” is I saw the condition was a lot worse. The lake was being used as a garbage spot.


Well, that’s how we roll I guess. Toxic creatures filling up every available space with plastics and thermocol.


Trouble is, unlike Ullal lake or Kommaghatta lake, Mallathahalli lake comes close to Vishweshwaraiah Layout where the occupancy rate is pretty abysmal. It is a large are of empty sites bought as “investment”. Well, this is what you get in such cases I guess.


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