Super Moon 2016

You probably would’ve heard of the super moon. Supposed to be the largest and the closest in 70 years with the next occurrence in 2034. To be honest, to the naked eye it did not look any greater than the normal ones, but it felt brighter than usual for sure.

Either way, it gave me an excuse to pull out the camera and point it at the Moon. I started the series a week ago, taking photos every day to complete the waxing of the moon from the halfway point to be a full one.

It started with this.


Every evening gave me good cloudless pics. The full moon one though, was initially obscured in clouds.


They eventually let up and let me enjoy the proper full moon. Now, a couple of hours later, there’s no sign of any clouds. The moon is shining nice and bright.


This is the transition in slideshow format:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Different photographs have different settings. It was also a lesson in parallel for me, learning my camera and what works and doesn’t.

For all of them, barring the first one, the focal length was 300mm, the aperture was 11.0. The shutter speed varied between 1/60, 1/80, 1/100 and 1/125 and the ISO settings changed from ISO 100 initially to ISO 200 at the end. You can see details of each photo in the flickr album. Best to watch it as a slideshow:

Super Moon - Nov 2016


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