My 2007!!

Well once again at the close of yet another year. “Yet another year” sounds like its just another hour or second gone by. Its been alarmingly scary the speed at which the year has zoomed by. Gone are those days and times when the year would be a huge event and new year days really took a while coming. Sadly, such stuff stopped the moment we left school.

For me the list of events that I’ll remember the year 2007 for are:

  1. The handling of the Cauvery tribunal verdict in Karnataka. Really liked the way HDK ensured there was no violence. Thought there might be a good and earnest CM here. Sadly, his dad had other ideas.
  2. The loss in the World Cup for India. Kinda sad that, also considering that Dravid was leading the team.
  3. The H1B quota excess and the random selection policy of the USCIS. Kinda changed the course of my life.
  4. India winning the series in England and deservedly under Dravid’s captaincy. Also Kumble’s century in the Oval match was really heart warming. Hats off to a Champion performer.
  5. India winning the Asia cup in Hockey. managed to watch it live on TV, having spent a good amount of time in Bangalore.
  6. India winning the T20 world cup. No one, including me, expected that.
  7. Well Dravid quitting as captain. Irks me that people and the press can’t respect the decision of a person even though we call ourselves a free country.
  8. The other T20 match being played in the halls of the Vidhana Soudha, which sadly got abandoned with just an over faced by Yeddi in the second innings. Almost resembling cricket during school days where someone turns up, bats his innings out and then leaves saying he needs to go somewhere leaving the rest red-faced :).
  9. The assassination attempt on Bhutto’s life. Kinda scary watching that on TV.
  10. Winning against Pakistan after 27 years in India.
  11. And well, theBhutto assassination. 2 months after surviving an attack, fate wasn’t as friendly second time around I guess. May her soul rest in peace.

On the personal front. 2007 would be a year I can never forget. Started the year off in Bangalore, lazing around and ended it in the US with 6 months in Australia and a week in New Zealand thrown in. In chronological order some of the events this year personally:

  1. Started the year in India, spent 6 months in Australia and a week in NZ, headed back home and the last 2 months of this year in the US.
  2. Feb-June: Completed my thesis. First time I ever worked on a thesis and am glad it came out well.
  3. April: Cleared the interview with Microsoft and was asked to wait for the H1b visa approval.
  4. May: Got my permanent residence in Australia approved. Needed to go out of the country and get it stamped.
  5. May: Submitted my thesis and got the result in June. Worked on it further and cleared it.
  6. June: Got the offer from Microsoft after the H1B petition made it past the random selection. There was just a 50% chance for that happening.
  7. July: Got my result. Completed my Masters and graduated. A big milestone for me.
  8. July: Traveled to NZ. Never expected this would be part of this year, honestly!
  9. August: Returned home to Bangalore looking forward to 2 months of time to relax.
  10. August-October: Spent 2 months doing nothing at Bangalore. One of the best times where even time seemed to stop. Things happened which I never expected to happen and well, am glad for having moved on from there.
  11.  October-End of year: In the US wondering when I’ll ever be in one country for long.

Looking forward to the year 2008, well have never believed in resolutions, but somethings I wish I could work on:

  1. Need to be more self-confident in everything I do and believe in myself a lot more.
  2. Smile more. 🙂
  3. Cover as much of the US as possible this year.

Gotta see how much of this I’ll cover.