More spiders

That time of the year when spiders start putting up webs all over the garden. The more common one is the Signature spider (Argiope anasuja), which I put up last year. It was around this year too, and I managed to snap one from the back using the phone, thanks to the Camera+ app’s macro feature.
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Common Mormon and another spider

So, just as I was lingering by the gate with the cat, there turned up this butterfly fluttering in the neighbour’s garden. I had been trying to capture one on slo-mo with the phone for a while now, so this was too good to pass. Managed to shoot something here. Do watch in HD if it doesn’t load by default that way.

After some research turned out that it was a Common Mormon – Papilio polyteswhich is a swallowtail butterfly, which means the second set of wings or the hind wings are bigger than usual and have a downward tapering projection forming a narrow point, almost like two South Indias attached to it.

Common Mormon.

Shot this in darker light using the flash, so it isn’t the best pic I’ve shot, but you get the idea of swallow-tailness, especially when compared to a non-swallow tail one like the Great Eggfly here, where the bottom wings are closed. It is most likely a male, as females don’t exhibit this pattern, which is called Cyrus, in Southern India.


Also, a signature spider started spinning a web around the gate. This time managed to use the DSLR and the 70-300mm lens, and shot it in macro. Trouble is, it gets very soft very fast with this lens, which means that while the head of the spider is in focus, it gets softer out very fast!
Signature Spider(Agniope anasuja)