When the drums stopped rolling…..

I didn’t see it coming. No one saw it coming, although many may claim otherwise. While it was commonly being speculated that Lara might retire from ODI cricket, his announcement that he’s retiring from test cricket also comes as a shock to many and more so for West Indian cricket which finds itself in tatters. His retirement was typical of the way he played his cricket – a string of low scores and suddenly a magnificent one out of nowhere. You could expect that only from the prince. Unlike the Aussies who believe in a lot of fanfare with retirement, he’s left silently.

“And with that, it was over. He stopped to sign a few autographs – jaded hacks too aren’t immune from the spell cast by his batting and then walked away through the side door.”
– Cricinfo.

Unlike many of his peers, he leaves behind a legacy of great innings. Notably the 277, 213 and the 153* against the Aussies and the 375 and 400 against the Pommies. These are innings he will be remembered for and etched his class permanently. As a player, he definitely ranks among the greatest like Don Bradman, Sir Gary, Sir Viv and Sunil Gavaskar(although I feel he was more statistics than class).

It would be an understatement to say his fans and the Windies will miss him. With Brian Charles Lara, the game of Cricket will miss him.