Day trip: Kambadahalli and Hosaholalu

Despite having done a bike ride to and from BR Hills a few days back, having the whole week off meant that another was always on the cards. This time S signed up. I had come across the Jain Basadi of Kambadahalli from @drvivekm‘s instafeed. Googling revealed that this was one of the oldest structures standing in that area, having been built around 900-1000 AD. Most of the Hoysala temples tend to be a few centuries younger. The oldest would be the ones on top of Chandragiri in Shravanabelagola. It’s also been a while since I went there!

Anyway, the start was later than my preferred pre-7:30 AM. Winter and S having to ride all the way from beyond Indiranagar meant that an early start wouldn’t be feasible. We left from my place at 8:25 AM and rode down to Swati Delicacy near Yediyur for the breakfast stop. Despite being heavily crowded we managed to find a table, and I didn’t  have to fight for an own table as is the case when am on solo rides.

Post breakfast we rode down towards Hirisave and took a left where it said Bindiganavile. There was also another board saying “Kambadahalli 19KM.” These days when roads get widened and people end up losing the old sign boards and milestones, it was a welcome sight! The road alternated between awesome, ok, okayish, to watch-out for potholes without ever degenerating to a bone rattler. We reached the road from Belagola to Nagamangala and took a right there. A road went to the right which announced Kambadahalli at 1 KM, but we did not take that. The next right had an arch with Jain insignia and icons all over it. This was our turn. Within a Km of this turn, the Jain structure loomed on our right.

The first structure you see is the pillar. There were inscriptions on it, but we could not date it. This might have been a later addition too. Later meaning from the Hoysala period.
The Pillar seen at the entrance
Inscriptions on the pillar
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Day trip: Somnathapura

After a good 6 years of using the good EOS 450D I upgraded the body to EOS 750D. Not having had a chance to use it for anything major other than shooting my posing cat, I wanted to ‘blood’ it soon. I hadn’t been to Somnathapura, ever, and this is also the season in Srirangapatna. With issues about food and the lack of options cropping up, I cropped the trip down to just Somnathapura. Anand also duly signed up and we set out in the morning at 7:30 AM. The route was via Kanakapura as Mysore Road was expected to be bad, this being a long weekend and all, and also boring, this being Mysore Road we’re talking about. The only concern was the road condition from Malavalli onwards.

Vasu’s at Kanakapura was reached, breakfast of hot Masala Dosas had and we set off. It looked like we’d reach there around 10 if the road conditions were good and 10:30 if bad. Thankfully, the section from Malavalli to Bannur is freshly laid. After Santhemara work seemed to be going on, but that is also where we had to turn off towards Somanathapura. The rest of the journey was thankfully good and we reached there by 10 AM.

This being a Saturday there were a lot of school trip vans, and a lot more tourists in general. It usually gets clubbed with Srirangapatna and its palaces and other stuff, being only 30-odd Kms from there.

Somnathpura is much larger than the other smaller temples I’ve been doing the past year or so, but smaller than Belur and Halebidu. Maybe almost the same size as Belur, but Belur also has a much larger courtyard. The sculptures are similar to Halebeedu with 7 levels of moldings followed by the main friezes in the middle. Belur has around 3-5 at most places.

Main temple
Somnathpura temple

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