Random Observations

Traveling along Swanston street in a tram and gazing out into the cold winter weekend night, I couldn’t help observe a few oddities of this place:

  1. There were mostly 2 kinds of shops: Apparels or Food.
  2. All the clothes shops oddly had a sale on. Apparently no one ever enters a shop if there is no sale on. And I guess they have a sale on throughout the year.

Feels odd that soon this wonderful city of Melbourne will just be something to remember and feel nostalgic about. I admit it was never love at first sight, I actually hated it when I first came in. Couldn’t have scripted a slower city myself. But over a period of time have got used to the slowness and I guess have also learned to take it easy with things.
Anyway looking forward to returning home and then flying west for the first time.