Day ride: Nuggehalli. Once more.

I realised all of a sudden that it’s been a long time since my last ride. Considering that we are into the last quarter of 2016 I hadn’t done even a single one in 2016! The last one was late December 2015, and to Nuggehalli. This time I decided to do the same route again. I like the temple with its carvings and the road is just awesome to ride on. There will be a time to explore other regions, but a comeback ride after 8 months is probably not the time for that.

The plan was to do it last week, but the weather looked dodgy with a good chance of rain. Just as it was clearing, a bandh happened and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find stuff to eat. I postponed it to the day after Ganesha. Except that this became a Mandya Bandh, and considering that I was planning to pass through large parts of the district, if not the city itself, I decided to play it safe and shifted it to the next day, September 7th. The weather promised a partially cloudy day with no chance of rain. Just the thing to expect on a September day. It was expected to be cool, though not as cold as winter. In short, perfect conditions for riding.

I set off at 7:45 AM. Fuel was done along the way, and so was air for the tyres. The weather was absolutely splendid. Clear blue skies with puffy clouds left over from the Monsoons, mild temperature, not biting cold, the kind of weather expected and the kind that makes you love riding.

On the way...clear blue skies

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Day ride: Nuggehalli and Shravanabelagola

Having a longish time off meant that a ride was always on the cards. The area around Shravanabelagola has always been a favourite, and will continue to be for sometime. I realised that since my first ride there in September 2014, I had done approx 6 visits to that area covering different places.

This time, I had zeroed in on Nuggehalli, a village on the Northern side of the Hassan highway, but couple-able with Shravanabelagola. I set out as usual at 7:15 AM. The bike had been fuelled up 2 evenings back and would last the whole journey.

The morning was cold and I had to make multiple stops, once to check why air was coming into the helmet, and next to fasten the jacket at the wrists to prevent cold air entering through that vent. The former could not be figured out as the helmet “ventilator” was already closed, and the latter really helped. My finger tips went numb despite the gloves though.

I took my usual pit stop right after Kunigal. This is a bridge overlooking a small village. There’s a tiny temple with a big Nandi in front and a huge tree. During my first bike ride to these parts I had stopped to stretch when I hit the 75 Km distance mark. For some reason, it has become a tradition.
A Shiva temple on the way where I usually break

After stretching my legs a bit, and also rubbing some sensation into my hands, I set off towards Swati Delicacy, my breakfast stop. For some unknown reason this place is always crowded in the morning, and finding a table for oneself isn’t easy. This time I was lucky, and with some aggressive “no’ing” managed to keep a whole table to myself. Continue reading “Day ride: Nuggehalli and Shravanabelagola”