With a rainy/snowy weekend preventing cricket and killing any interest of going out and doing stuff of any kind…am breaking a precedent by posting within two days of my previous one.

Am close to finishing ‘Snow’, by Orhan Pamuk. It was slow reading, with some plodding at many places. Set over just 3 days and with 400 pages the author gets a lot of time on his hand and the book tends to move like an Adoor Gopalakrishnan movie. But no, like with the latter there were no complaints. This is one book that is best enjoyed at a slow pace. And the weather definitely helps. With snow forming a constant white background, masking most cheer in the story, it helped that there was a reasonable amount of snow around seattle.

The protagonist’s character is so well etched that you realize that he is not the protagonist slowly as he just seems to change loyalties and move from one end to another, with no one trusting him enough or letting him go either, knowing that he had his uses, like a pawn on in a bigger game, but with his own hidden agenda which he realizes is not hidden at all.

Interesting questions like how secular is secularism, and how democratic is democracy are raised. The beauty being you are left to judge on your own in the end. Well, actually, haven’t reached the end yet. Still a few pages more to go.

But yes, definitely a good read, but I guess a lot will also depend on your state of mind and your way of thought. You either end up rooting for Ka or just hoping he fails, for the most part. But knowing his nature, of running away from happiness, you kinda can guess the ending I guess.

Anyway, definitely a good read, although not for people who generally tend to run through books and prefer to do that. This one demands time!