Criminal law???

25% of the candidates for UP’s election have criminal backgrounds. I remember reading in school that one of the eligibility factors to contest an election is that the person must not have been convicted by any courts. But this is just mind-boggling. How can the EC let them contest in the first place?
I assume it’s just that they have in-numerous charges against them and knowing the slow process of justice and the countless loopholes that are exploited every minute, these are the criminals who just court ke chakkar kaat-te hain. And these must be the ones who know the right strings to pull to stay out of prison and also be able to contest elections.

Sometimes I wonder what our democracy is coming to. And if there will ever be a day when it’ll be clean. The solution, if there is one, might lie in education. An educated electorate can always be expected to make educated choices.
But yes, there is a limit to how much any person, educated or otherwise can take. The Indian populace has delivered knockout punches at times. The ousters of Lalu’s buffalo shed, JJ’s money mint and Krishna’s urban centric governance stand out as examples.

One more urgent need is for the urban population to get out of their couches and vote. Sipping coffee and bitching about corrupt politicians is never going to work.

All said and done, when the choice is between X and Y, where X has n murders and m rapes to his name, while Y has n` murders and m` rapes to his name, will the choice be based on something like n > n` or m > m`?